Abramovich’s “Solaris”: Russian-Israeli billionaire buys himself a new luxury yacht

Ibiza in summer is an absolute hotspot for the largest and most beautiful yachts in the Mediterranean. The crystal clear water attracts the most exclusive boats every year.

When a yacht like the “Eclipse”, at 164 meters the second largest ship in the world, belonging to the Russian-Israeli magnate Roman Abramovich, calls into port, the attention is great.

After all, the “Eclipse” is worth more than 340 million euros. For around three years now, the Lloyd shipyard in Bremerhaven has been working on Abramovich’s new luxury yacht “Solaris”, whose assets are estimated at 11.9 billion euros.

Anyone who would like to discover the “Solaris” soon on Ibiza could be lucky. Completion is planned for this summer. Facilities include a helicopter landing pad, pools, club and spa areas. The crew alone is 60 people. The ship measures 140 meters and has a total value of around 500 million euros.

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