About Ibiza One

Ms Coci Tappert and Mr Uwe Richtberg founded the Ibiza One estate agency in the mid-1990s. After completing her degree, Ms Tappert worked in marketing and management for Voice GmbH Germany. Mr Richtberg studied law and business administration at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Over the years, Ibiza One has been able to expand its position as one of the leading estate agencies on Ibiza catering to an upmarket clientele – in no small measure, thanks to the excellent personal contacts of the two managing directors and the Ibiza One team.

The estate agency maintains international business relationships with financial institutes and banks, legal practices and partner companies from all of the relevant sectors. It has developed a one-of-a-kind network of companies and partners on Ibiza, and Ibiza One’s clients appreciate this absolute added value.

Ibiza One has also earned its clients’ trust by providing reliable advice and support on projects related to properties and other buildings – to both buyers and sellers – extending years after the initial purchase as required.

On each of its projects, Ibiza One guarantees serious, discreet negotiation before the purchase or sale goes through and as it is being carried out.

The two managing directors are supported by an international, multilingual team (English, Spanish, German and French) from a variety of specialist fields who all contribute to Ibiza One’s success.

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