Ornithological route Camí des Brolls: bird life and salt extraction

The Formenteras Island Council presents a new “ornithological route”, laid out along the Camí des Brolls.

For the ornithological tour that runs around s’Estany Pudent, eight boards have been installed that contain information about the ecological value of the nature reserve, the history of salt extraction and the bird life of this wetland.

The “ruta ornitologica” is 4.3 kilometers long and can be covered on foot in one to two hours and by bike in 20 minutes.

A bird watching camera was also installed in mid-June to avoid inconvenience to birds that are nesting.

The project was financed by a fund for sustainable tourism “Segments Strategic Tourism” at a price of 5,810.58 euros. The island administration of Formentera is now planning to create two more tours: one with information on 14 elements of the local cultural heritage and a sports running route, which will be signposted from the Llevant area and will go around s’Estany Pudent.

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