Olive harvest in Ibiza increases by 270 percent this year

If the olive harvest in Ibiza was very sparse in 2018, this year’s harvest is all the richer.

This picture shows multiple bottles of olive oil.

On the estate of Joan Prats Ribas, for example, the branches were so full that they almost touched the ground. Prats anticipates that around 200 tons will be processed in the mills this year, 30 tons of which comes from his own fields.

This is 270 percent more than a year ago when only 54 tons were brought in. The amount that got harvested within a week and a half in 2018 will take several weeks this year. The whole process, including pressing, will last almost until December.

Exceptional quality of olive oil in Ibiza

Not only is the quantity exceptional, but also the quality: “For me it is almost perfect,” says Prats.

The producers have even more reason to be happy this year, since the introduction of new regulation allowing olive oil from Ibiza to include the corresponding protected geographical designation of origin on the label.

It is the first year that “Ibiza” will appear on the packaging: “Finally we can market our oil with the indication that it comes from the island.” Not all producers want certification. Most olive farmers only press the oil for their own pantry. But around 15 producers will market their oil with the new seal.

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