Cormorants spend their lives sunbathing always on the same rock

When things get less busy on the shore, the cheeky black water bird shows up: Cormorants spend their lives in the same nest and sunbathe on the same rocks.

Shiny black and elegant, with a white spot on the chin: cormorants are one of the most common seabirds in Ibiza and can be easily observed at this time of year, when the coasts and beaches have calmed down.

After diving, the bird sits relaxed on a rock with outstretched wings and lets the sun dry itself. Its presence on the banks of the Pityuses is a clear sign of the good water quality.

Called ‘corb marí emplomallat’ or ‘baldriga’ by the locals, it is a sociable bird that nests in rocks or cliffs. It lives from the sea and in the sea. It is very vulnerable to the pressures that the coasts suffer from, such as building, fishing and mass tourism with its pleasure boats invading its feeding and breeding areas.

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